Mission Possible: The Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurs often establish and build their ventures in relative isolation, wrestling with self-doubt, the skepticism of others and myriad other challenges. From the outset, the journey can seem overwhelming without the right mindset and the mentorship of those that have gone before. Mastery of self is critical to a successful outcome and central to the message of Mission Possible: The Entrepreneurial Journey.

It’s territory all too familiar to author and entrepreneur Robert Ott, known as RJO to friends and associates, who, in 2004, emerged from small-town Canada to found ole, one of the world’s important music companies, with operations in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, London and Nashville. In the years that followed, he raised almost a billion dollars in capitalization and deployed more than half of that before selling the company to a major pension fund in 2018.

Multi-GRAMMY Award-winning signings to ole like Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame rock trio Rush, songwriter/​producer Timbaland (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake) and corporate clients Dreamworks, Sony Pictures, A&E Networks, Bell, Corus and e-One, called ole home.

This motivational book is essential reading for anyone setting out on a similar path. RJO not only offers practical insights and advice on starting and building a successful business, he also invites you in to experience the psychological dimensions of growing an enterprise from inception to a company that influences global media. As the author of a leading edge, patent-pending business intelligence software, which revolutionized intellectual property rights management, RJO also talks about the value of for-purpose, innovative technology in a hyper-competitive business universe.

Throughout, RJO stresses that the core values of entrepreneurship and company culture remain constant whether you are engaged in a more traditional enterprise like banking or the fast-paced, roller-coaster world of the music business.

RJO also reveals the career-changing question he faced during an early job interview that stopped him in his tracks and prompted an honest assessment of his strengths, talents and ambitions as he prepared to set himself on the entrepreneurial journey.